Don’t Apologize For Taking Up Space, the GOOP edition

Buried between the overpriced product collaborations ($223 for a canvas tote!) and ubiquitous  clean eating advice, every once in a while, GOOPy gets it. The site recently ran an article titled, “How Women Undermine Themselves With Words.”  It’s a Q+A with Tara Mohr, a career and personal growth coach and author about “how women—in an effort to soften their communication—diminish their words.”

Here are a few of our favourite parts:

“It’s [apologizing] an unconscious habit many women have: To apologize before asking a question, to apologize because they are standing at the milk and sugar station at the café while someone else is waiting for their turn, to apologize in all kinds of situations where an apology is not warranted! We apologize simply for taking up space.”

“The key big idea is this: Instead of using the self-diminishing qualifiers (just, actually, sorry but, I’m not sure but, etc.) so that you seem “nice,” communicate both your warmth and competence in a proactive, positive way. That’s very different than trading off how competently you come across, in order to be seen as more likeable.”

We are guilty of using the aforementioned self-diminishing qualifiers, are you? Share your thoughts about the article, and what you do. or say, in order to be seen as nice at or on our Facebook page.


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