Sorry for Singing

It’s a long taxi ride home from Gatwick airport to our London home. Our baby son gets restless in his car seat, especially after a flight back where he’s been sitting in a confined space for most of the day already. Last week, as we were heading home in a cab, I had to entertain him for nearly an hour. I fed him crackers, tickled him, turned the reading lights on and off and sang. We can still calm him, at least for a few minutes, with our off-key singing.

He was pretty good the entire trip except for a few shrieks and protests but definitely no crying and the driver didn’t seem bothered in the least. My husband turned to me and said something about this being the longest drive of the taxi driver’s life. It was a joke of course and I replied that it would be a lot longer if the baby was crying the entire time. But still, as I was getting out and thanking the driver, I apologized. I apologized for my well-behaved baby and my singing. Why?



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