Your Dose of Nice for the Weekend

be nice

Not to sound like total downers but sometimes, people can be so mean, especially when they can do it anonymously. We say good riddance! Oh, and have a lovely weekend.

– It’s easy being mean when you can hide behind a screen.

– Maybe one day cyberbullying will be impossible…

– The mom who apologized for her daughter’s mean behaviour via Facebook

– What is the nicest thing you’ve done that no one knows about? Here are some things others have done.


One thought on “Your Dose of Nice for the Weekend

  1. I love this concept! The “hidden” nice guys for a change. Great way to “be the change”. I read an article in the other day where a famous comedian was asked when she ‘knew’ comedy would be something she’d pursue for life. She said it was when she was 7-years-old, and a friend’s mother was bragging on how funny she was and noted, “You should be a comedian one day!” After finishing that article I thought about how that mother may not even know her encouraging one-liner helped spawn a career of fulfillment and laughter. ONE LINE! It makes you really think about what all our one-liners can do (for better or worse), thus why I applaud this site!

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