Sorry Not Sorry, For My Baby

I follow a number of baby groups on social media and every now and then, there are posts about parents who make cutesy little packages with ear plugs, candy and God knows what else for fellow passengers on an airplane. The gift bags have notes attached about how it’s the baby’s first flight, and she might be upset but hey, here’s a cookie or candy to shove into your mouth when you can’t stand the screaming anymore. Sorry, and thank you in advance.

The reason why these notes bother me so much is that it sets a precedent. No one wants their baby to cry inconsolably, it’s the worst feeling in the world. But sometimes (most times), it’s out of our control. And yes, it sucks for everyone, but if you’ve never been in that situation, trust me, it sucks more for the parents than the other passengers. Babies cry so please, stop saying sorry.



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