The Parent Trap

I had my first “parent-teacher” interview the other night at my child’s new daycare. Since my son is barely a toddler, it was more of a sit-down to discuss his development and how to bridge the learning gap between what he does at home, and what he does at daycare. When his key worker asked me about his development, I began raving about his constant babbling, how he mimics our sounds, how he can sing along to songs and do all the actions to various nursery rhymes and how he “talks” all the time. Not once did it cross my mind she was referring to the fact that at 16 months, he is not yet walking. But that is exactly what she wanted me to bring up. I felt bullied as she told me I should be encouraging him more (I do) and that he needs to be pulling himself up more (it will come) and when she told me her main development goal for my son is to get him standing and walking, all I could do was nod. I left there with a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Only later did I realize it was because I wish I had been more firm with her on how I wasn’t going to rush my child, and neither should she. But at the same time, it also felt like a trap: you don’t want to offend anyone as these are the people taking care of your child, but you’re the one paying for that care, and they should be doing what you want.



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