Mommy’s Little Helper

I’m not a big joiner, but I promised myself I’d volunteer for something at my son’s school this fall.  I picked the book fair.  When I showed up for my shift it was chaos.  There was a huge line at the make-shift electronic register and the machine, it turned out, was jammed.  Apparently, one of the moms on the previous shift had let her kid work the register and now he was convinced he could fix it even though he was about 7 and had no clue what he was doing.  We all stood around smiling politely at this woman who did not at all feel obligated to get her son out of the way.  In fact every time someone would try to take over and un-jam the machine the kid would shout “I can do it” and his mom would say “Go figure, a kid knows about this!”  It went on like this, the line growing longer and more impatient, with no one having the guts to tell this woman off – myself included.


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