Daycare Diaries

I recently asked to switch days at my daughter’s daycare. She goes part-time but starting January, my work schedule will change and I need childcare on different days than we currently have. The manager doesn’t get back to my emails and when I asked her face-to-face a couple of weeks ago, she said, without hesitation, “we don’t have space on the days you want.” She saw my stunned face and tried to soften the blow by saying she would check but didn’t think it would be possible. I smiled and didn’t press it, and haven’t heard from her since. Last week. I was chatting with another mom from daycare who told me that her daughter would be switching days as of January. When I told her about my request, she said she too got the same response but she kept on pressing the manager, sending emails and calling and in the end, got what she wanted.


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