I wasn’t nice, or I should say, I was assertive this week and now, after a series of events, I feel awful and wish I had kept my mouth shut.

I had a concern about one of my child’s teachers at daycare. Mostly it had to do with this teacher being new and someone I had never met. And yet, she was commenting on my son’s development after only being in his classroom for a few days. One of the other teachers mentioned that this new teacher was concerned about my son’s social skills and instructed her to leave him alone more (she is the one who comforts and holds him the most as his key worker and he is very attached to her).

I went to management and asked why someone who I had never met was saying these things to another teacher, instead of sharing her concerns directly with me, the parent, first. But instead of addressing this with the new teacher, management instructed my son’s key worker to be more sensitive in the way she speaks to me (a.k.a. not to tell me things like this in the future).

It was completely taken out of context and now, I feel like the teacher I love, and my son loves, is upset with us. And not only that, I feel even more angry toward management, toward the new teacher, and part of me feels like I shouldn’t have said anything to begin with.

Too Nice Mom


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