Free Ride

Yesterday, on the train ride home, the conductor walked into my car and told a man leaning against the door to get off the train.  “Before they arrest you,” he concluded.  Of course, we all pretended not to watch what was happening, hiding behind e-readers and mobile phones.  “You didn’t pay your fare,” the conductor stated.  The man said he would not be getting off the train. So the conductor went back to his post and we just sat there in a strange stand-off.  He wasn’t going to move until the man got off, the man wasn’t going anywhere.  After a few minutes, passengers started yelling at the man in question, telling him to get off, that he was holding the rest of us up.  In the end, the man won. He stayed put and no doubt the backlog of trains forced the conductors hand.   It was an awkward moment to say the least, initially I hoped the guy would just leave the train, but now, I kind of admired his tenacity.


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