Let’s Hang Out

I have a kind of unique job. People have to approach me to request my services, but I get to be kind of selective about who I work with. It leads to a lot of people pitching me things at parties and a lot of my tactfully having to side-step them.  I totally get that approaching someone in my position is awkward and in turn, I always approach each request as thoughtfully as I can.  One popped into my inbox the other day that stood out, though. It was from a neighbor who I only know a little bit.  She opened the email recalling the last time we all found ourselves outside at the same time during the summer.  While I appreciated her lead and totally understand how “Hey we should do that again” is a good open for the exchange, I remember that day completely differently. I recall being made to feel like a third wheel, not at all like a welcomed new addition to the block. I recall her bristling when my son asked her for a drink of water and I remember how she turned to the other moms standing in the little circle and changed the subject to something they all had in common.  Yeah, I’d totally love to do that again.


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